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Help Pigs Coast Through Weaning

Weaning Px Benefits

Tonisity Px can dramatically improve overall weight gain by helping pigs stay on their feed as they move from the farrowing crate to larger nursery pens.


Weaning can be a difficult time for young piglets, affecting them both physiologically and behaviorally and can often result in weight loss and mortality. When Tonisity Px is mixed with dry feed to make the Tonisity Px-gruel, piglets will recognize the familiar (and delicious) taste, thereby maintaining their average daily gain throughout the first week after weaning.


Starting from 2-3 days before weaning, supply the Tonisity Px solution so that the animals can get acquainted with the highly palatable Tonisity Px flavor. As weaning occurs during the 2-3 day period, this same solution is combined with creep feed to form the Tonisity Px-gruel, effectively relieving the starvation period that pigs will often undergo during this time.


Weaning Weight

Improved Return

on Investment

Ensures pigs transition faster and easier, resulting in added weight gain post-weaning

Enables producers to get more pigs off to a healthy start


Gut Health


with Stress

Decreases gut pH and supports proper metabolic function of intestinal cells

Supports gut health and aids in feed transitions even during times of stress, including scouring


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Px Science

Weaning Using Px

To make up the 3% solution, it’s as simple as mixing 310g (2 level 155g scoops) of Tonisity Px with 10 litres of fresh, potable drinking water.

In all situations, 500 mL (1 pint) of 3% Tonisity Px solution per litter should be given for at least 2 days before weaning. This will give the intestinal enterocytes an energy boost and will also acquaint the pigs with the taste and smell of Tonisity Px.


At least one day before weaning, start gruel to help pigs transition through weaning.

Mixing the Gruel

What to Use


3% Px Solution


Creep Feed


To make



10 L


15 kg


25 kg gruel



1 gallon


6 lb


15 lb gruel

Using the Gruel

Once the gruel is made, give the following amounts

Previous Creep Feed?

No Previous Creep Feed?

If piglets have been given creep feed in farrowing, give 2.5 kg (5 lb) gruel / litter the day before weaning followed by 20 kg (45 lb) gruel per 100 pigs in weaning pens for another 2-3 days.

If piglets have NOT had access to creep feed in farrowing, give 1 kg (~ 2 lb) of gruel / litter the day before weaning followed by 20 kg (45 lb) gruel per 100 pigs in weaning pens for another 2-3 days.

Caution! Make sure to prepare fresh Tonisity Px solution daily with fresh, potable drinking water and clean pans!


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