Simpósio Brasil Sul Suinocultura – Chapecó, Brazil

6th - 8th Aug, 2019
Chapecó, Brazil

Tonisity will be present with our distributor from Brazil, Evance.

We are honored to hold the 12th South Brazilian Swine Symposium and Eleventh Pig Fair , there are eleven years of dissemination of knowledge and many encounters. The West Nucleus of Veterinarians and Zootecnistas, director of this event invites for a great opportunity to share experiences, technologies, friendships and business. Welcome to Chapecó, swine professionals from all over Brazil and Latin America.

Over the last decade we have not only witnessed but actively participated in various revolutions and paradigm breaks in pig farms, ranging from weaning age to prolificacy, multiplied biosecurity care, and more recently to the discussion of antimicrobial withdrawal. Constant changes, challenges for sanitarians and nutritionists, companies and suppliers. Rules change, markets change and the industry evolves. This is our role as a symposium, to collaborate, to assist in this growth.

Our scientific committee is focused on offering a diversified program with in-depth discussions that will consolidate the basis for decision-making in the field.


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