Swine Forum – Lichen Stary, Poland

6th - 7th Jun, 2019
Lichen Stary, Poland

This forum is focussed on the persistent issues facing the pig market in Poland, which is a huge challenge for all breeders and pig producers across the country. It seems like Polish farmers have faced crisis after crisis, and these persistent challenges test their financial stability. Only the best producers, achieving above-average results, are able to sustain themselves in the breeding and production of pigs and develop their farms in the long term. This forum is an excellent opportunity to find out what is the latest state of knowledge in the field of genetics, maintenance, welfare, nutrition and health protection of pigs, among the best experts in the country and around the world. It is also a forum for discussion on development trends, ways to remain competitive in the European and global market, as well as to meet the growing demands of consumers who are increasingly trying to define production standards.

For more information, visit http://tap.pwrwydawnictwo.pl/swinie?fbclid=IwAR2lh3YXidlUIu0kD33dO15qwsSWERBf8dBkkLoEZySz9PMYBvlJsfd–Fg


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