Key Opportunity to Improve Survivability

Farrowing / Px Benefits

Tonisity Px is the only isotonic protein drink on the market. Pigs will drink Tonisity Px voluntarily from a pan as early as Day 2 of life. Half of the pre-weaning mortality occurs in the first week of life. Using Tonisity Px during this time can be beneficial, leading to reduced mortality rates.

Tonisity Px works to increase the rapid development of the intestine in the first week of life resulting in the better absorption of nutrients from sow's milk. Improved intestinal development lays the foundation for increased weaning weights.

Decreased Mortality in Pre-Weaning

Improves baby pig health and survivability, leading to fewer deaths and removals

Improved Return on Investment

Enables producers to get more pigs off to a healthy start

Increased Weaning Weight

Ensures pigs transition faster and easier, resulting in added weight gain post-weaning

Improved Gut Health

Decreases gut pH and supports proper metabolic function of intestinal cells

Isotonic Hydration

Provides early hydration and nutrients pigs need to thrive starting on Day 2

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Px Science

Farrowing Using Px

To make up the 3% solution, it’s as simple as mixing 310g (2 level 155g scoops) of Tonisity Px with 10 litres of fresh, potable drinking water.

Starting 24-48 hours after birth and for the next 7 days, give 500 mL (1 pint) of liquid Tonisity Px solution per litter per day in a clean pan or trough. Ensure that piglets have received sufficient colostrum and have access to fresh water. Prepare fresh liquid Tonisity Px solution and clean the pans or troughs daily.

Caution! Make sure to prepare fresh Tonisity Px solution daily with fresh, potable drinking water and clean pans!