Help Pigs Continue Growth After Weaning

Post-weaning / PxW Benefits

Weaning can be a stressful time for pigs, due to a new environment and the initial separation from its litter and mother. If they don’t start drinking early, it can lead to weight loss, reduced growth and even mortality. This problem has come to be called the ‘post-weaning growth-pause’ which is associated with changes in a pig’s intestinal biochemistry. These intestinal changes often result in post-weaning diarrhea which further contributes to weight loss and a decline in appetite and health.

Continues to feed the enterocytes post-weaning

Provides a palatable formula ensuring that pigs learn to drink more readily

Helps piglets transition to feed faster as flavour evokes a memory response

Decreases transition time to normal feed

Helps piglets cope with stress

Improves hydration during this stressful time

Post-weaning / Using PxW

Add Tonisity PxW to water lines, for at least 3 days post-weaning

  1. Medicator Pump
  • Add 1kg of PxW powder to 4L of water to make a liquid concentrated solution in a suitable container
  • Mix well until dissolved
  • The concentrated solution of Tonisity PxW should be delivered through the water lines using an automatic dosing system, with the dilution rate set at 1 part of concentrated Tonisity PxW to 100 parts water (1:100). 10L of concentrate supplies 850-1000 weaners for a day.
  1. Water Supply System
  • Add 1 kg of PxW powder to at least 5L of water in any suitable container
  • Mix well until dissolved
  • Add that mixture to a 500L water supply. 500L of treated water will supply 400-500 weaners for a day

Add Tonisity PxW solution to the water lines

Directions for use:

  • 1
  • 1kg PxW Powder + 4L Fresh Water = PxW Solution
  • 1 part PxW Solution + 100 parts Fresh Water = PxW Solution (1:100)
  • Days 0, +1, +2 at weaning
  • 2
  • 1kg PxW Powder + 5L Fresh Water = PxW Solution
  • PxW Solution + 500L = 500L Treated Water