Talking About Tonisity

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Germain Berthevas
Plouvorn (29), France

"I have been giving Tonisity Px from the 2nd to the 8th day of life and at weaning. I clearly see that the piglets are more energetic and lively. In post-weaning, their start has been much better, and they have showed a greater appetite. In general, they are more homogeneous, and I see less fall behinds. With the first batches, I recorded 8 kg extra live weight for the same age at the end of the fattening period, when compared to previous batches that did not receive Tonisity Px. The first 1,100 pigs that received Tonisity Px in the farrowing house had an average carcass weight of 97 kg at 176 days, and their weight gain from weaning to market was improved by 11% when compared to the results of the previous semester."

Jul 10, 2018