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Jhon & Jhon Inc., Philippines

"Tonisity Px is very good. I like it. The piglets really like the solution and play with it. They finish all the Tonisity Px given, unlike the "P" product. My manager also told me that the piglets look super healthy! Round, robust and with good color. We became interested in Tonisity Px during the Philippines launch in October 2018 at the Pinoy Pork Challenge. So, I contacted Dr. Chu for a trial, and we compared it with another product that is administered at a similar period. We allocated 17 sows to each group: Tonisity Px, Product "P" and a control. The average litter size was 11.76 born alive for Tonisity Px, 10.06 for Product "P" and 11.88 for the Control. We observed that the pre-weaning mortality was 5% for Tonisity Px, 8.8% for P and 7.9% for Control. This is 43.2% improvement over P product and 36.7% over the control group. Adjusted 30 days weaning weight was 8.04kg for Tonisity Px, which is higher by 2% than P product (7.88kg) and 10.4% over the control group (7.20kg). Because there were more born alive per litter in the Tonisity Px group, it had the highest number of small piglets called “Class C” (= from 0.8 to 0.9 kg). There were 7% of Class C in the Tonisity Px group, 4.7% in the “P” group and 3.5% for the control. We observed that the trend was reversed at the weaning stage, where Tonisity Px had a higher number of Class A (7.60 kg and above). There were 44.7% of piglets with Class A with Tonisity Px, compared to 40.4% for P and 36.6% for the control group. And for Class B (7.00 to 7.59 kg) we recorded 22.1% for Tonisity, 18.6% for P and 17.7% for the control. As a result, there were less of Class C piglets (6 to 6.9kg) for Tonisity Px (33.1%) than in the 2 other groups (41% for P and 45.7% for the control). We also looked at the scouring incidence. There were 19 cases in the Tonisity Px group, and all of them recovered in 2-3 days. The scouring was more severe in the other 2 groups: we recorded 46 cases in the P group (2 of them did not recover) and 41 cases for the control group, of which 4 did not recover. In overall, we have much better result and it also cost us less money. It;s very good. We will put Tonisity Px in our regular program."

Mar 25, 2019