Talking About Tonisity

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Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

"We have been testing Tonisity Px on 2-8 day old piglets in 226 litters (3093 piglets). Normally, piglets get diarrhea after day 7 (we give a milk replacer supplement) but after using Tonisity Px, there are just a few piglets that got diarrhea! In this case, I was able to reduce my medication cost significantly. Tonisity Px also works very well for piglets infected with the PED virus. The Pre-weaning mortality rate reduced from a range of 20-50%, down to 10%. In addition, the piglets recovered from PED within 2-3 days. Before now, it would take them minimum 1-2 weeks. I also gave it to small piglets, and I saw that they were then able to gain weight at the same rate as the heavier piglets. Tonisity Px improved our performance in the farrowing house by reducing pre-weaning mortality and increasing weaning weight. We also got an extra 140 grams per piglet at weaning!"

Apr 23, 2019