Talking About Tonisity

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KTS farm
Ratchaburi, Thailand

"We used to give piglets 7 things during in farrowing house, such as artificial colostrum, an electrolyte solution, a vitamin solution, a protein drink, antibiotics and an anticoccidial drug. The piglets still suffered; they got diarrhea, experienced late recovery, weakening the small pigs and even some died from PED. The pre-weaning mortality rate at that point jumped to 30-50%. When we started giving Tonisity Px to them, they recovered from the diarrhea very quickly! After 2-3 days, the pre-weaning mortality was reduced to less than 10%. The piglets are stronger, eat feed earlier, and increased their weaning weight by 0.3 kg on average. In addition, the heavier piglets became even stronger, providing an easier transition through weaning. We were even able to reduce the fattening period by 1-2 weeks! Now, we give only anticoccidial drug and Tonisity Px to the piglets which has reduced our medication cost and labor effort. So far, we have used Tonisity Px for one year and will continue to use it."

May 15, 2019