Talking About Tonisity

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Gaudencio De Guzman
San Rafael Bulacan, Philippines

"We started using Tonisity from June this year as we had high mortality and scouring problems. In fact, we also tried another product which is a highly digestible and palatable porridge formula, but we discontinued it as Tonisity Px was more useful. They like the Tonisity Px. Now we have less scouring on piglets and they are more vibrant."

Farrowing Report
No of sows farrowed 46 52 19
Total Piglets born 462 554 183
Av litter size 10.04 10.65 9.63
PWM 75 76 5
AVE. PWM 16% 13.70% 2.70%

Sep 30, 2019