Talking About Tonisity

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Rogel Macadandang
DHM Farm, The Philippines

"I included Tonisity Px in my booster mash and lactating mash, and feed intake has increased dramatically. Pigs were voracious! It greatly enhanced feed intake of the pigs. It looks like they are addicted. Before I was using plasma protein for this purpose but after the ASF, the price has gone too high and I cannot source it. But now with Tonisity, it is much better. I give to all the sows at farrowing mixed in the feed. From the average of 2.5 to 3kg per day, it went up to 4kg (the average is lower as it is average starting from one week before farrowing through lactation). I also use it on pigs in the breeding section that go off feed due to respiratory infection, for 3 to 7 days until full recovery and sows crave for more feed. I am also planning to add it to the starter diet. Also, I tried during the water medication where typically I use milk byproduct and sugar, I added Tonisity on top of them and the consumption has gone by more than 3 times. I give this medication at weaning time up to 18 days to nursery, especially when sows have problems giving enough milk. Feed and medicated drink is easily consumed. My experiment was worth trying. It added cost but well compensated. Reduced weaning lag to almost zero and no thin nursing sows. Great product!"

Jan 22, 2020