Talking About Tonisity

Check out what the Industry has to say about Tonisity Px
Benoît Bernard
Tréfumel (22), France

"We started using the Tonisity Total Programmme at the request of our breeder. We first tested it on 150 piglets in May 2019 and we've been using it for all piglets since October 2019. The initial goal was to have more consistent batches and heavier animals. We distribute Tonisity Px from the second to the eighth day of life of the piglets and in the three days before weaning, which is carried out at 21 days. I take over at receiving piglets for four days. I continue using Tonisity Px in the form of gruel (mixing of the product with the granules) in scoops because I prefer that to mixing with water. Considering the palatability of the product, I think it encourages piglets to drink more but not necessarily to eat. I distribute the gruel four times in the first two days, then twice a day thereafter. I note that it is quickly consumed and that it encourages piglets to eat.

The only drawback is it increases my workload. However, I observe fewer diarrhea problems and more dynamic piglets. Weaning weights are not necessarily better, but it is also because there are less mortality: small piglets, which previously would have died, survive. I have just had the first batch cut which received the whole programme. Regarding my results, compared to the last batch without Tonisity, my weaning-selling feed conversion rate went from 2.45 to 2.32. Animals gained an average of 2.5kg between weaning and slaughter for the same slaughter age and my weaning-selling loss rate went from 5.2 to 1.9%. I calculated that the return on investment, in my case, was €5 for one euro invested."

May 14, 2020