Talking About Tonisity

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Kwella Krzysztof
Pułkowice, Poland

"I have been using Tonisity products since December 2019. I can clearly see that my piglets are more vivid and energetic. After I started to use Tonisity Px my pre-weaning mortality decreased significantly. On average, I have 0.5 piglets more per sow per litter. Piglets are heavier by 200-300g on average, which on average gives me heavier litters. It gives me a very good return on this investment. I use Tonisity Px from days two to eight of life, three days before and six days after the weaning (3-day gruel with Tonisity Px and at the same time Tonisity PxW in drinking water). Piglets after weaning start to eat immediately and there are no left behind piglets." "Tonisity Px dissolves easily and piglets are crazy about it!"

Jul 09, 2020