Talking About Tonisity

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Dr. George Ciurel
Agromar, Romania

"In April, we started to administer Tonisity PxW to all piglets in the nursery after weaning. They drank well and recovered faster after weaning stress. Previously, we administered Tonisity Px in maternity and we could see a reduction in mortality of 50% between the control group and the Tonisity Px group. We also tested Tonisity Px on a group of 40 problematic piglets (the fall behinds) from the 35-45kg weight group. We administered a protocol of 100-150ml/piglet/day. We managed to recover an astonishing 80% of them in terms of survivability and weight. Compared to other fall behind groups in the past, we saved three to four piglets more."

May 11, 2021