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Tonisity helps farm animals thrive as they transition through key milestones. From piglets in the farrowing house to young ruminants at early stages of development, Tonisity solutions help improve their efficiency and increase your return.

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Tonisity Px™ helped drive down pre-weaning mortality by 16%. If all piglets had been on Tonisity Px, 655 more pigs may have been produced during the 7-week study, equating to 4,867 more pigs annually (+4.2%).
Tonisity Px brings a positive effect on the development of the intestinal microflora of animals, which promptly affects the normal growth and development of piglets.
Overall, I have seen an improvement in digestive health and a reduction in pig mortality.
Class C piglets became more active, especially when they are about to drink Tonisity, physically they became more uniform. Tonisity helped reduce mortality by 26% and improve the weaning weight of our piglets by 8%.
On average I wean one extra piglet per sow per year, which gives me a very good return on investment.
The pigs gained 2.5kg on average between weaning and slaughter, for the same age at slaughter and at the weaning to market loss rate went from 5.2% to 1.9%. I calculated that the return on investment, in my case, was €5 per euro invested.
We managed to recover an astonishing 80% of piglets in terms of survivability and weight.
Many of the fall behinds we had at weaning were able to catch up at the nursery. We also observed that there wasn’t much of a weaning lag.
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