Tonisity’s Gut-Enhancing Bioactives in a Milk Replacer Compatible Formula
Helps pigs get off to the right start
Feeds the pig’s gut from day 2 of life
Improves gut health
Improves weight gain
Improves the lifetime performance of your pigs
Reduces pre-weaning mortality

When to use Tonisity PxM


As soon as you start giving milk replacer:
For at least 8-10 days, add Tonisity PxM to your existing milk replacer protocol

Increase Survivability – Reduce Mortality – Improve Lifetime Performance

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A highly-palatable isotonic milk replacer additive that helps piglets overcome key productivity hurdles.

The first week of a pig’s life is a critical time for gut development and for microbiome colonisation, having long-lasting effects on the piglet’s survival and growth. By nourishing the gut through its rapid development in early life, Tonisity PxM is a bioactive pack specifically formulated to be mixed with milk replacers, which are used to supplement the sows’ milk. Tonisity PxM includes Tonisity’s gut-enhancing bioactives in a milk replacer compatible formula. As Tonisity’s third generation solution for swine producers, it complements Tonisity’s existing swine products, Tonisity Px and Tonisity PxW, which are focused on the farrowing and weaning stages of the lives of piglets.

Tonisity PxM comes in a 5kg resealable bag.

Pigs love the smell and taste of Tonisity PxM

In initial trials, Tonisity PxM reduces pre-weaning mortality by 51%

Tonisity PxM
+36 Extra Piglets per 1,000 born

How to use Tonisity PxM

Mix 50g of Tonisity PxM with 10L of fresh milk replacer.
Tonisity PxM is not intended for direct feeding nor to be mixed with plain water. Do not feed Tonisity PxM powder unless mixed with a milk replacer.



Keep your existing milk replacer distribution protocol and use Tonisity PxM for at least 8 to 10 days.

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