Highly-palatable Isotonic Solution for Pigs
Helps pigs get off to the right start
Feeds the pig’s gut from day 2 of life
Improves gut health
Improves weight gain
Improves the lifetime performance of your pigs
Reduces pre-weaning mortality

When to use Tonisity Px


DAYS 2 – 8:
Tonisity Px (3% Solution)


-3d, -2d, -1d :
Tonisity Px (3% Solution)


+1d*, +2d, +3d:
Tonisity Px (3% Solution)
*d+1 is the weaning day

Increase Survivability – Reduce Mortality – Improve Lifetime Performance

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A highly-palatable isotonic protein solution supplying essential nutrients to the piglet gut from day 2 of life.

The first week of a pig’s life is a critical time for gut development and for microbiome colonisation, having long-lasting effects on the piglet’s survival and growth. By nourishing the gut through its rapid development in early life, Tonisity Px results in better absorption of nutrients from the sow’s milk, higher survival, and optimal lifetime performance. Tonisity Px contains key amino acids, nutrients and electrolytes for pre-weaning piglets. It helps pigs get off to the right start and this early intervention delivers long-term benefits. Unlock your pigs’ potential!
Tonisity Px comes in 1kg and 5kg resealable bags.

Pigs love the smell and taste of Tonisity Px

We have conducted extensive research into the effect of Tonisity Px on Pre-Weaning Mortality

Meta-analysis of pre-weaning mortality on 148,170 piglets (70 studies in 22 countries)

Tonisity Px
Tonisity Px reduced pre-weaning mortality by 20% on average
How to use Tonisity Px

With a taste profile pigs crave, Tonisity Px provides the hydration and intestinal support needed to get them off to a fast, healthy start. It reduces pre-weaning mortality by 20% (on average) and sets pigs up for improved lifetime performance.

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Positive return on your investment.
What return on investment will I see?

Return on Investment (ROI) is 2 to 3:1 when Tonisity Px is used from days 2-8 (effect on mortality) and it is 5 to 6:1 when the full programme is used (in most situations).

How to mix Tonisity Px
How to mix Tonisity Px (1 litter)

How to mix Tonisity Px (20 litters)