Highly-palatable isotonic, protein solution that feeds the intestinal cells of calves, kids and lambs
Improves gut health
Promotes weight gain
Increases feed and water consumption
Optimises hydration
Delivers better overall health and body condition
Supports immune system
Supports in cases of gastrointestinal challenges
Helps young ruminants get off to the right start
Safe for all ruminant breeds



When to use Tonisity Rum-X

Healthy calves

500 ml/calf/day for 10 days

Scouring calves

Replace milk with Rum-X for 3/4 meals (1-2 L/meal)

Lambs/Goat kids

100-200 ml/head/day for 10 days

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A highly-palatable isotonic protein solution supplying essential nutrients to the gut of young ruminants from day 2 of life.

Tonisity Rum-X supports young ruminants (calves, lambs and kids) performance through optimising the development of the intestine and the microflora, helping to build immune defences and setting them up to maximise their potential. By nourishing the gut through its rapid development in early life, Tonisity Rum-X results in better absorption of nutrients from milk or other feed sources, higher survival and optimal lifetime performance. Tonisity Rum-X contains key amino acids, nutrients and electrolytes for young ruminants. It helps them get off to the right start and this early intervention delivers long-term benefits. Help them maximise their potential!
Tonisity Rum-X comes in 5kg resealable bags.

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