About Tonisity Total Programme
The Tonisity Total Programme (TTP) was developed to improve the gut health performance of pigs from day 2, right through to finish.

The Tonisity Total Programme (TTP) was developed to improve the gut health performance of pigs from day 2, right through to finish. Where most products feed the pig, this programme is designed to feed the gut of piglets at different stages of their production lifecycle; in the farrowing house, at weaning, and for weaned or fattening pigs.

In the farrowing house, ensuring the survival of piglets is key. Tonisity have developed an isotonic protein drink, Tonisity Px, which encourages the development of enterocytes in the small intestine, to help pigs get off to the best start.

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At pre-weaning, Tonisity Px is added on top of dry feed to encourage piglets to eat, helping them through a stressful weaning. Post weaning, Tonisity PxW, a water-soluble complementary feed is added to water lines to provide a memorable taste experience, which encourages water consumption and feed intake.

Providing the pigs with this delicious and palatable solution from day 2 to finish increases your chance of maximising the pigs’ growth potential, reduces challenges along the way and creates better financial returns for you. Overall, producers can expect to see reduced pre-weaning mortality, improved gut health, better performance up to slaughter and a clear improvement in return on investment. For biggest returns, note the effect that the Tonisity Total Programme has across all birthweights to finishing weights.

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Farrowing Using Tonisity Px

To make up the 3% solution, it’s as simple as mixing 310g (2 level 155g scoops) of Tonisity Px with 10 litres of fresh, potable drinking water.

Starting 24-48 hours after birth and for the next 7 days, give 500ml (1 pint) of liquid Tonisity Px solution per litter per day in a clean pan or trough. Ensure that piglets have received sufficient colostrum and have access to fresh water. Prepare fresh liquid Tonisity Px solution and clean the pans or troughs daily.

Pre-weaning / Using Tonisity Px

For simplicity, we recommend using 1:1 Tonisity Px to dry feed.


Use the same volume of Tonisity Px solution and dry feed (e.g. 1 litre of solution for each kilogram of feed)


Target a minimum quantity of 500ml of solution and 0.5kg of feed per litter per day. If possible, supply the Tonisity Px solution 2 to 3 days after weaning on feed, using the same ratio (50-100ml + 0.5-1kg of feed per piglet per day)

Post-weaning & Transport / Using Tonisity PxW

Add Tonisity PxW to the water lines, for at least 3 days after weaning.

1. Medicator Pump

Add 1kg of PxW powder to 4L of water to make a liquid concentrated solution in a suitable container
Mix well until dissolved
The concentrated solution of Tonisity PxW should be delivered through the water lines using an automatic dosing system, with the dilution rate set at 1 part of concentrated Tonisity PxW to 100 parts water (1:100). 10L of concentrate supplies 850 – 1000 weaners for a day.
2. Water Supply System

Add 1kg of PxW powder to at least 5L of water in any suitable container
Mix well until dissolved
Add that mixture to a 500L water supply.
500L of treated water will supply 400-500 weaners for a day

The Tonisity Total Programme addresses a number of key challenges which a pig faces over its lifetime.



Pre-weaning mortality is the most prevalent economic and welfare issue in pig production globally, and generally varies between 5-40%, representing a significant loss of income for producers.


Tonisity has conducted numerous trials on pre-weaning mortality around the world, and we’ve found that by feeding Tonisity Px to pigs from days 2-8, on average we see a 20 to 30% reduction in mortality. In Spain, we saw a 75% reduction in PWM (16-009-P-R). In the USA, we saw that 81% of the pigs experienced a 51.6% reduction in mortality (18-015-P-P).


“I have been giving Tonisity Px to all my piglets from the 2nd to the 8th day, since September 2017. I am seeing a clear reduction in mortality, especially in sows of row 1 and 2 (33% improvement). On average I wean one extra piglet per sow per year, which gives me a very good return on investment”
Benoit Poulain, France



Piglet diarrhea, or ‘scouring,’ is a common event during the neonatal and post-weaning phases of life. It can be caused by a variety of factors, and often proves fatal.


In a US trial in which the participating pigs were all scouring, after combining mortality and fall-behind data, the Tonisity Px group averaged a 42% reduction in these categories (15-004-P-R). When we did a similar US trial one year later in a scouring farm, the recovery rate after 5 days was 71% in the Tonisity Px group compared to only 62% in the control. Tonisity Px pigs were 1.48 times more likely to recover in that time period (16-004-P-R).


“There was a slight increase in weaning weight with the trial group, but what we found interesting is the difference in mortality rate, which was 20% in the control group and only 6% in the trial group. Also, there was less incidence of diarrhea. What was not as obvious in the result is that many of the fall-behinds we had at weaning were able to catch up at the nursery. We also observed that there wasn’t much of a weaning lag. So definitely we are happy with the results.”
Dr. Benita Magannon, Philippines

Weight Gain


Weaning weight determines future performance up to slaughter. If your pigs aren’t gaining weight, you aren’t maximising your profits.


We’ve observed improvements in weight gain in various trials in the US and Europe. In the US, the Tonisity Px group pigs weighed 100g more at day 8 and 783g more at day 40, an increase of 10% in ADG (16-011-P-R). In Poland, the Tonisity Px pigs weighed 1.7kg more with a 30 g/d increase in ADG, as compared to the control (17-031-P-R).


“With the first batches, I recorded 8kg extra live weight for the same age at the end of the fattening period, when compared to previous batches that did not receive Tonisity Px. The first 1,100 pigs that have received Tonisity Px in the farrowing house had an average carcass weight of 97kg at 176 days, and their weight gain from weaning to market was improved by 11% when compared to the results of the previous semester.”
Germain Berthevas, France

Milk Replacers


Milk replacers are a common feed supplement. According to research, the total amount of milk the sow produces throughout lactation is determined by the quantity the piglets will drink in the first week of life. Therefore, supplying a milk replacer during this period may not be the optimal solution.


Piglets consuming Tonisity Px in the first week of life are more active and stimulate milk production from the sow. They will perform better up to weaning, especially if a milk replacer or creep feed is provided after 7 to 10 days of life.


“I have clearly seen the positive effect of using Tonisity Px since the first time we tried on suckling piglets. After 2 to 3 days of treatment, they are obviously healthier, alert, fresh and more energetic to drink milk. And at weaning, we get bigger piglets (200-300 grams more) and I also have more weaners per litter, which means I get more income! I also give it to the weaners for 7 days after weaning to stimulate water and feed intake, it helps me increasing their growth and reduce the number of small pigs. Tonisity Px has made my work easier and faster. Also, it has reduced hard work such as giving medication for other complications.”
Farm Owner in Chonburi, Thailand

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