Milk Replacer-Compatible Bioactive Pack Leads To Improved Piglet Performance
Bringing the best of both worlds, Tonisity International has developed Tonisity PxM (PxM), a bioactive pack specifically formulated to be mixed with milk replacers.

Milk Replacer-Compatible Bioactive Pack Leads To Improved Piglet Performance

Since 2017, Tonisity International has been offering Tonisity Px, the first isotonic drink for pigs. Because it is very palatable and consumed by newborn pigs, Tonisity Px can be used as early as day 2 of life, supplying all the necessary nutrients required for optimum enterocyte functionality (enterocytes are epithelial cells that line the villi of the small intestine; they are the entry points along the small intestine that readily absorb amino acids, simple sugars and fatty acids before they are transferred into the bloodstream). The isotonic composition of Tonisity Px supports the metabolic functionality of the enterocyte cells and helps to feed the cells from within. By supporting these enterocytes, Tonisity Px gives pigs an advantage early in life and helps to improve piglet health and productivity leading to lower pre-weaning mortality and faster growth up to slaughter.

However, more and more farm managers are struggling to properly manage large litters that sows are producing these days. For instance, some sows may not be able to achieve sufficient milk production levels due to common health issues like ‘mastitis’, reduced appetite or dehydration during the hotter summer months. Secondly, it is often a ‘fight for survival’ when some sows do not have enough functioning teats to feed their growing litters. As a result, they have been using milk replacers to ensure that all piglets are receiving viable amounts of milk and are getting the best start possible.

Tonisity Px and milk replacers are different. One specifically targets the intestinal cells, while the other one feeds the pig. Therefore, both can be used in the first few weeks of a piglet’s life. But, until now, the challenge for the managers has been to be able to deliver both products at the same time.

Introducing Tonisity PxM

Bringing the best of both worlds, Tonisity International has developed Tonisity PxM (PxM), a bioactive pack specifically formulated to be mixed with milk replacers. Tonisity PxM contains gut-enhancing bioactives in a milk replacer compatible formula and brings the well-known benefits of Tonisity Px to farms using milk replacers: it improves the gut health and performance of the piglets. What’s more, administering Tonisity PxM is very straightforward and doesn’t require extra work, as it is simply mixed with milk replacers in the existing delivery system on the farm (feeding pans, or automatic milk replacer systems). Only 0.5% of Tonisity PxM (50g in 10 litres) is required to be added to the liquid milk replacer, in order to make an isotonic solution.

In a recent trial at a 400-sow farm in Romania, Tonisity PxM was administered over a period of 17 days and resulted in a 51% reduction in pre-weaning mortality, with 36 extra piglets per 1,000 born.  Further, the pigs gained 220 grams of extra weaning weight, giving the farm an 11:1 return on investment (see Table 1).

Table 1: Performance data (Day 10-weaning)

Control (milk replacer)
Tonisity PxM
Difference (%)
Number of litters
Piglets/litter at day 10
Piglets weaned/litter
Mortality rate (%)
Weight/piglet weaned (kg)
DWG grams

Mihai Condu, manager at the Agromar farm in Romania, who conducted the PxM evaluation, comments,

“We were delighted to hear about Tonisity PxM and asked to test it immediately. We simply mixed it in the milk replacer, and the well-known benefits of Tonisity’s bioactives were quick to appear. The piglets drank the milk replacer better and were more active. Pre-weaning mortality halved, and we weaned heavier, more uniform pigs. With Tonisity PxM, we are able to provide additional support to the intestine of these young piglets. As a result, we have more, better quality and healthier pigs for sale. This is the biggest improvement our team has ever seen.”

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