Some products feed the pig. We feed their gut first.
Our R&D team have developed patented solutions containing key ingredients to nourish the intestinal cells, the enterocytes.

These cells are the final gateway for the absorption of nutrients into the body. If the enterocytes are working efficiently, then the body is better able to absorb more nutrients.

Our unique solutions contain ingredients that support the efficient function of the enterocytes. By supporting the enterocytes, we can help pigs overcome the key productivity hurdles of neonatal life and assists with a smooth transition through weaning.

Various strategies are used to try to overcome these hurdles. Milk replacer, electrolyte solutions and quick-start drenches are all used by producers to give extra energy and fluids to piglets. Antibiotics, probiotics, pre-biotics and plant extracts are all used in an attempt to modify the intestinal bacterial populations. However, none of those strategies actually improve the function of the enterocytes, which are the engines that are responsible for absorbing any nutrients. A more focused approach is to nourish the intestinal cells themselves and help them to do the best job they can of absorbing nutrients. This is the approach that Tonisity has taken in the development of Tonisity Px and Tonisity PxW.

We have taken great care to investigate how best to use our solutions and to demonstrate the return on investment to producers. This research has shown that Tonisity Px and Tonisity PxW have a positive impact on pig health, performance and generate a positive return on investment for farmers.



Our name ‘Tonisity’ has its roots in ‘isotonic’ which is a key feature of Tonisity’s first product, Tonisity Px. This scientific approach characterises Tonisity’s dedication to supporting veterinarians and livestock producers globally.

What Does Isotonic Mean?

Isotonic means that it contains required molecules in the correct concentration to support the rapid absorption of nutrients, especially in the first week of life.

Why Isotonic?

Tonisity Px is not just another electrolyte solution composed of salt and sugar. This isotonic powder is carefully formulated to provide the right combination of key amino acids and micronutrients to hydrate and encourage the development of a highly functioning intestinal system.

At Tonisity, we understand the importance of intestinal health. Tonisity Px nourishes piglets’ intestines at a cellular level to improve productivity from the very beginning.

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