Comparison of isotonic protein solution and milk replacer in suckling pigs
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of an isotonic protein drink (Tonisity Px™) on productivity in suckling pigs, when compared to milk replacer.

The study was conducted at Swine Innovation Centre Sterksel. 80 litters of York/Dutch Landrace were assigned to treatment groups, randomized by parity and expected farrowing date. Treatment groups were (C) negative control group; (PX) litters receiving 3% Px™ solution 500 mL/litter/ day; (PX+M) Px + Milk replacer group; (M) positive control group receiving only milk replacer. All treatment groups received their respective treatments from day 2 -8 after birth. The volume of milk replacer was increased daily from 100 to 1200 mL in this time. Groups PX and PX+M also received a combination of Px solution and gruel for 3 days before weaning.