Should Tonisity Px only be Given to Small or Sick Piglets?
A common misconception that many producers believe is that you should only use Tonisity Px only on small or weak piglets, also known as runts. However, Tonisity Px is beneficial for ALL piglets.

A common misunderstanding in the market is that only small or sick piglets need support. Of course, they need it. But because of this misconception, many producers use Tonisity Px only on small or weak piglets, also known as runts.

Why Tonisity Px should be given to small piglets

Small piglets need extra care. Usually, when we give them Tonisity Px,the results are spectacular.

The Tonisity Px solution is easy to use, piglets love to drink it, so it is a good tool to encourage piglets to eat more feed before and after weaning, reducing the impact of stress. Piglets drinking the Tonisity Px solution have a better intestinal health (with also a positive impact on the immune system), which helps the absorption of nutrients.

All this means the piglets have greater vitality and are able to grow faster. For example, in a trial done by one of our customers in Thailand, six litters of small piglets were compared. Three litters received Tonisity Px for six days (three days before weaning, three days after weaning, 100ml/head/day on piglet feed) and the other three litters were use as controls.

As you can see in Table 1 below, the piglets from the Tonisity Px group were 23.3% lighter than the controls three daysbefore weaning (4.20kg vs. 5.48kg) but were only 12.4% lighter three days after weaning (5.35kg vs. 6.11kg). This means that the piglets from the Tonisity Px group gained 83% more weight during that period (1.15kg vs. 0.63kg).

Table 1: Tonisity Px helps small piglets (Thailand)

Similar observations were made during a recent trial in Vietnam (see Table 2). This test was performed in a 2,400-sowfarm in Thanh Hóa Province. Two groups of 20 piglets each were compared. Tonisity Px was given for seven days after weaning, at the rate of 100ml/head/day. The weaning weights were very similar (5.10kg for Tonisity group vs. 5.05kgfor the control) but eight days after weaning, there was a 17% difference in body weight for the piglets which received Tonisity Px. This means that their weight gain during the period was 90% higher than for piglets from the control group. The comments from the farm manager were that there was a clear improvement in visual aspect of pigs after three days, less diarrhea than in control group, and that pigs from the Tonisity Px group were consuming more feed.

Table 2: Tonisity Px helps small piglets (Vietnam)

Different trials or observations show us that Tonisity Px is helping sick piglets to thrive (as long as clean water is used!). For example, in another trial in Thailand, six healthy litters were used as controls while another six litters suffering from neonatal diarrhea were given Tonisity Px (see Table 3).

Table 3: Tonisity Px in case of neonatal diarrhea (Thailand)

Piglets from the Tonisity Px group were 5.3% smaller at birth, however they were 5.8% heavier at weaning. Their daily weight gain was almost 10% greater than for piglets from the control group.

As you all know, Tonisity Px is not an antibiotic, but can help in case of neonatal diarrhea, in case of virus infection suchas rotavirus or PED (caused by a coronavirus), and coccidiosis . Data from the USA also shows that Tonisity Px is helpful in case of PRRS.

Why Tonisity Px should be given to ALL piglets

However, Tonisity Px also works on healthy piglets and not only on small or sick piglets!

This can be seen in our meta-analysis of pre-weaning mortality (PWM) by birth weight, which shows that Tonisity Px helps reduce PWM for all classes of weight at birth, and also for different litter sizes or different genetic lines.

Another trial, showed that pigs consuming Tonisity Px in the farrowing house (TPX pigs) outperformed the controls across all birthweight categories. Light-birthweight TPX pigs had a 3.5kg advantage at finishing, medium-birthweight TPX pigs had a 2.6kg advantage at finishing and heavy-birthweight TPX pigs had a 4.1kg advantage at the end of the trial. These results indicate that the benefits of administering Tonisity Px to pigs are evident for all weight categories, not only for light birthweight pigs.


  • Should Tonisity Px be given to small or weak pigs? YES

  • Should Tonisity Px be given ONLY to small or weak pigs? NO

  • When administering Tonisity Px on all piglets, you can guarantee that your customers get the maximum return on investment because they can achieve MORE PIGS and HEAVIER PIGS.

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