Talking About Tonisity

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Ms. Catherine Ortega
D Farm Batangas, Philippines

"We started testing Tonisity in one of our farms in April 2018. After solving some issues related to water quality, we decided to use the solution on a farm with an average 11% pre-weaning mortality. Our first observations were made on the smallest piglets with a body weight at birth below 1 kg. These piglets represent about 20% of the total born, and they have a higher pre-weaning mortality (PWM) than the rest. During our trial on 218 piglets in total, the PWM was 26% in the control group and 21% in the Tonisity Px group, meaning almost 20% reduction in PWM. Also, the total mortality from birth to 40 days of age in those small viable piglets was reduced by 25% with the use of Tonisity Px. We have observed that these small viable pigs could catch up very more effectively and their weaning weights were improved by 250 grams, or almost 7%, with the use of Tonisity Px (5.55 kg vs. 5.20 for the control). This means we managed to get more piglets, and they were heavier at weaning. Due to this improvement, the overall herd performance has also been improved. On average, we had 11.50 % PWM in 2018 but after we started testing Tonisity Px, it has consistently been reduced. In the last batch where all piglets (not only the small ones) were given Tonisity Px, the PWM went down to 6.6%. We are definitely happy with the result and are now expanding the use of Px to the rest of the farms in our group. I think that Tonisity Px is working very well for us and we have now found a good solution for our farms. Also, as we have improved our number of live born, we see more usefulness of Tonisity Px."

Mar 03, 2019