Tonisity Px™ helped drive down pre-weaning mortality by 16%. If all piglets had been on Tonisity Px, 655 more pigs may have been produced during the 7-week study, equating to 4,867 more pigs annually (+4.2%).
Tonisity Px brings a positive effect on the development of the intestinal microflora of animals, which promptly affects the normal growth and development of piglets.
The pigs gained 2.5kg on average between weaning and slaughter, for the same age at slaughter and at the weaning to market loss rate went from 5.2% to 1.9%. I calculated that the return on investment, in my case, was €5 per euro invested.
Class C piglets became more active, especially when they are about to drink Tonisity, physically they became more uniform. Tonisity helped reduce mortality by 26% and improve the weaning weight of our piglets by 8%.
We managed to recover an astonishing 80% of piglets in terms of survivability and weight.
As a result, we decreased mortality by 10%, we got better conditioned weaning piglets, which weighed 1 kg more than the control group. This showed that piglet mortality decreased during the suckling period. I think that this product will be in demand!
In June, we had 16% pre-weaning mortality, when we started using Tonisity Px. By August we had reduced the pre-weaning mortality to 2.70%.
I therefore opted for a trial with Tonisity PxW in the drinking water. In fact, I do not regret my choice
Tonisity Px helps prevent dehydration and provides strength to the piglet so that more are weaned with higher weight.
Tonisity Px is a good product, especially because it significantly reduces pre-weaning mortality.
We tried all the available products in the market to save them and grow them to their normal weight and I can say that Tonisity is best tool to address this problem.​
My pre-weaning mortality is 4-5% and it is under control. My concern is more on the weaning weight especially for Class C. I tried Tonisity Px and saw an increase in appetite, so I ordered for more Tonisity Px. I will be using at 3 days transition. I am learning a new approach.
With Tonisity Px, we were able to save twice as many pigs as if we had never used the product.
Overall, I have seen an improvement in digestive health and a reduction in pig mortality.
On average I wean one extra piglet per sow per year, which gives me a very good return on investment.
We observed that the pre-weaning mortality was 5% for Tonisity Px, 8.8% for "P" and 7.9% for Control. This is 43.2% improvement over "P" product and 36.7% over the control group.
Tonisity Px gives uniformity to my piglets.
Tonisity Px helped us to save all our piglets and improve their condition and weight.
I can see that piglets are much more lively and energetic and eat more creep feed.
Many of the fall behinds we had at weaning were able to catch up at the nursery. We also observed that there wasn’t much of a weaning lag.
I was amazed to see the intake volume of Tonisity Px by the weak piglets. Px helped us to both save more piglets and recover the growth performance of weaned weaklings, thereby generating more profit for us!
Pigs that received Tonisity Px in the farrowing house had on average 97 kg of carcass weight at 176 days.
We find the product easy to use, and would like to recommend it to other piglet producers.
For me Tonisity Px works better than any milk replacer.
The product Px is not just for one stage of the pig. You can use it from Day 2 all the way through with pigs and even with sows.
I have experienced healthier piglets (with an increased post-weaning growth rate) by using Tonisity Px at my farm.
Px has really reduced our fall-behind, smaller pigs in litters. The best thing is Px is easy to mix and use.
At weaning I noticed that we have +1,0 more pigs per litter on average compared to before. Tonisity Px helps me to work more efficiently. Thanks Tonisity!
Tonisity Px is very easy to work with and the pigs like it very much.
It took 2-3 days and the pre-weaning mortality was reduced to less than 10%. The piglets are stronger, eat feed earlier, and increased their weaning weight by 0.3 kg on average.
I have 0.5 piglets more per sow per litter. Piglets are heavier by 200-300g on average.
We use Tonisity Px in the nursery (from days 2-8) on all of our piglets. In combination with another solution, we observed a reduction in pre-weaning mortality from 20% to 6%.
Since I apply Tonisity Px to all litters, we can keep piglets alive more effectively! Animals drink it actively from day 2 and it's easy to fit in our existing system. Last but not least, piglet mortality has already been reduced from 15,7% to 12%.
At 21 days of age, I gained more than 450 grams per piglet. I reduced the number of fall-behinds and I also see a weight difference at 60 days.
Positive report on maternity and post-weaning: piglets are more round and more buoyant with better volume intake at 21 days of life.
I give Tonisity Px to all my piglets. They have been growing faster and stronger since I have been using this product.
The total mortality from birth to 40 days of age in those small viable piglets was reduced by 25% with the use of Tonisity Px.
The pre-weaning mortality rate was reduced from a range of 20-50%, down to 10%. In addition, the piglets recovered from PED within 2-3 days. We got an extra 140 grams per piglet at weaning!
Tonisity Px improves my piglets' appetites. I will never quit using it.
Tonisity Px increases weaning weight 0.4kg in average and reduces pre-weaning mortality 4% in the small piglets.
More pigs out the door and more money in our pocket. That’s what we’re all about. That’s what Px does for us.
Tonisity Px is not only a rehydratant, but I have weaned one more piglet per sow at day 21, which was put under a foster sow. I also noticed an improved digestive balance. Using Tonisity Px represents a very good return on investment.
With Tonisity Px piglets start to eat dry food earlier and gain weight faster.
These piglets were 390 grams heavier at weaning when compared to the normal pig without diarrhoea!
After 2 to 3 days of treatment, they are obviously healthier, alert, fresh and more energetic to drink milk. And at weaning, we get bigger piglets (200-300 grams more) and I also have more weaners per litter, which means I get more income!
I found the solution very convenient to use and distribute. It is much easier and cleaner than artificial milk.
I have managed to reduce mortality before weaning and my weaning weights have greatly improved.
Of 1,800 weaned pigs, 240 received Tonisity for 10 days and afterwards I noticed an additional 650 grams / piglet.