Tonisity – EuroTier Speaker Programme – Dr. Laura Boyle + Dr. Keelin O’Driscoll
Both groups (TPX and control) were well balanced for parity and litter size indicating a well-managed study.

Tonisity organised a webinar series to coincide with the company taking part in this year’s EuroTier. Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, it was not possible to have a physical event take place in Germany. The organisers decided to go digital for the safety of attendees. Tonisity developed a unique speaker programme with some of the industry’s leading experts presenting on specialist topics.

In the first of the webinar series, Dr. Laura Boyle & Dr. Keelin O’Driscoll, Senior Researchers from Teagasc in Ireland, presented their findings on “working with pig biology and behaviour improves welfare and could help to reduce pre-weaning mortality.”

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